Ronald Croft

Before suffering a stroke, Ronald Croft led an active and independent life. He filled his time with workouts at the gym and playing golf at least three times per week. This all changed when, one morning, he began to feel numbness in his left arm. When Ronald tried to stand, he became dizzy and uncoordinated.

Ronald yelled for his wife and explained, “I think I am having a stroke.” She immediately called 911 and the paramedics arrived in minutes. They took him to Eisenhower Medical Center where his symptoms worsened. An MRI confirmed the occurrence of a stroke.

While recovering in the hospital, Ronald’s physician recommended that he meet with a rehabilitation doctor. Dr. Bagherpour from Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage conducted an evaluation and recommended that he come to Vibra. There he could continue working on his strength and mobility.

When Ronald was first admitted to Vibra, he required a lot of assistance. He needed support with simple tasks like grooming, dressing, walking, and using the bathroom. Even with these challenges, he focused on his goal. He maintained his motivation, dreaming of being able to do the things he loved again like golfing and working out. The staff supported his recovery every step of the way.

“Everyone at Vibra was great and contributed to my recovery,” Ronald explained, “Susan, Dennis, Todd, and Katherine all took good care of me. Dr. Bagherpour saw me every day I was there.”

Ronald plans to continue to work hard at his recovery with the goal to ambulate without his walker. He will have a private caregiver and therapy assistant working with him at home. Ronald and his wife booked a cruise in the fall and he is using this as motivation to reach his ultimate goal of being completely independent.