Rebecca Stone

Each day, Rebecca Stone walked five miles in the Sun City community where she lived. She played pickleball once a week and maintained an active social life with her husband. Most nights, they met friends to share an evening meal.

During one of Rebecca’s weekly pickleball games, she noticed something wasn’t right, experiencing sensation problems in her hands. The issue progressively got worse. Soon, she felt as if the bottom half of her body wasn’t communicating with the upper half.

Rebecca saw her primary physician right away, who ordered an MRI. Unfortunately, Rebecca wasn’t seen immediately due to a backlog in MRI. Two days later, she was unable to walk and lost sensation in her upper arms.

Admitted to the hospital, Rebecca began to get answers. Doctors informed Rebecca that due to a B12 absorption deficiency, she experienced a rare neurological complication involving her spinal cord that could lead to paralysis. Rebecca underwent surgery, and though successful, Rebecca lost her ability to walk.

The challenges didn’t end there for Rebecca, either, as her insurance company denied authorization for her to admit to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage. Fortunately, Rebecca had a strong team of physicians in her corner. Her neurologist, Dr. Farhad M. Limonadi, and four other board-certified physicians insisted she go to Vibra for inpatient rehabilitation. Together, they made a strong case for her and convinced her insurance provider to overturn the denial.

After her surgery, Rebecca discharged from Eisenhower Medical Center once she was medically stable. But she arrived at Vibra with a long road to recovery ahead, unable to perform any of her activities of daily living. During her stay, she’d make great progress on that journey.

“Since being admitted to Vibra, there has been nothing but improvements in my quality of life,” Rebecca shared.

One of those key improvements was learning how to shower on her own again. Rebeca also made significant improvements with mobility, increasing from walking 29 feet to 219 feet. She had arrived with a severe foot drop and was unable to lift her right foot.

“Now, thanks to Vibra, I’m returning home mobile.”

As a retired social worker of over forty years, Rebecca was exposed to many healthcare environments. “Vibra is by far the best,” she noted. “The staff has been professional, kind, and compassionate. From the cleaning staff to the head administration has been outstanding. Everyone in the therapy department has been cheerful, optimistic, and positive. Michael (PT) and Paige (OT) in therapy have gone above and beyond what I expected. And I have very high expectations!”

“I would recommend Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage over any other place. I received quality care. They provide excellent nursing care and three hours of therapy per day.”