Geri Devries

In 1995, Geri Devries was in an equestrian accident that left her with an injured foot. The severity of Geri’s injury required her to relearn how to walk. Over time, she improved her mobility and carried on with her life.

Fast-forward to 2019, and Geri started noticing a change in her walk. The pain in her foot returned.

Geri saw her doctor and underwent a fusion in her mid-foot. Her physicians put a cast on her foot for recovery, but it became severely infected from the cotton underneath the cast getting dirty. The infection required immediate surgery to remove all the damaged tissue. After surgery, she went home, but in less than a week she developed another infection. Geri’s physicians started her on 50 days of hyperbaric treatment and installed a bone graft.

In July, Geri developed another small sore that indicated the osteomyelitis came back. So did the pain in her foot. Now on her third surgery, Geri underwent another debridement in November and a hardware removal in January.

After enduring all this pain and struggle, Geri’s physicians discussed the possibility of amputation. She explained, “At first, I was opposed, but after so many years of trying to heal this foot, I realized amputation was for the best.”

Geri discussed this option with her family and decided to move forward with a below-the-knee amputation. Knowing that she would have to relearn her day-to-day routine, Geri started looking into continued care options. With a recommendation from her case manager, Geri decided to continue her recovery at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage.

The goal of Geri’s first stay with Vibra was to learn how to do things without her limb. During her second admission, Geri received her prosthesis and the focus shifted to learning how to walk again.

“With the help of Vibra’s therapists, I was walking again after being in a wheelchair for years.”

One of the main motivating factors for Geri was seeing improvement without her limb and becoming pain-free. “I enjoyed working with Michael from therapy. He was so good at motivating, encouraging, and pushing me to become more independent.”

Geri continues to work hard at her recovery and has big goals in mind. She looks forward to taking long walks in the desert, playing with her five grandkids, and going to the beach. Her biggest goal is to be able to run someday. She is thankful for the support and help that she received throughout her recovery, having stated “Vibra changed my life!”