Freddy Villegas

Freddy Villegas led an active lifestyle, working full-time doing maintenance for a local high school. While at home one day with his wife of 31 years, Freddy had a stroke. The stroke left him with little function on the right side of his body. His wife knew that he would need intense rehabilitation for proper recovery. They researched different options and decided on Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage.

Freddy arrived at Vibra weak and unsure of what to expect. Even with obstacles ahead of him, he focused on regaining his strength to get back to his family. He said, “My favorite nurses, Stephanie and Ann, welcomed me. They made me feel at ease throughout my stay.” The Villegas family also credits Iris, Chris, and Frank for encouraging Freddy to work hard through his recovery.

When he first arrived, Freddy couldn’t sit without assistance and required three people for all his transfers. He explained, “I couldn’t walk, bathe, or toilet without a lot of people helping me.” He is now able to walk with his walker, shower, and dress independently. Freddy has happily returned home and looks forward to getting back to normal life.