Christopher Baloga

Despite living with diabetes, Christopher Baloga lived an independent lifestyle. He stayed active, working full-time in private security and driving part-time for a rideshare company. Each week he clocked 60 hours between his two jobs. Even though he worked long hours, he maintained his hobbies like singing and swimming. He also enjoyed going to the casino and spending time with friends.

Diabetics are at higher risk of developing foot ulcers, which can lead to further complications, including amputation. When Christopher developed a sore on his left heel, he underwent surgery to remove the infection that developed. The surgery left him without enough bone for his foot to properly heal. Christopher began working with a wound specialist, who explained he would most likely need a below-the-knee amputation.

Christopher reflected, “I was disappointed, but not surprised to get the news. But my mindset was to do whatever I needed to be healthy moving forward. When the day came that I needed the surgery, it was still a shock even though I was prepared for it.”

While recovering at Eisenhower Medical Center, Christopher started planning the next phase of his care. Anthony, a clinical liaison from Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage, spoke with Christopher about his options. After learning about Vibra’s amputation rehabilitation program, Christopher felt eager to start his journey to recovery.

Christopher arrived at Vibra and got to work right away. Understanding that the loss of a limb is life-altering, his team of therapists supported him in creating a new road map for life. Christopher was very impressed with the staff and felt that they genuinely cared for their patients.

“My therapist, Zach, is amazing! His depth of knowledge is astounding, and he not only would answer all my questions but could give me the reasoning behind them. All the nurses are wonderful. Todd, the director of therapy, went above and beyond. Matthew from occupational therapy knew how to push me and was very helpful. Stephanie from nursing was my angel and very compassionate,” Christopher stated.

Returning home after receiving long-term care can be overwhelming, especially when you live alone. Because of this, Christopher stayed motivated to meet his goal of independence. That meant living out his daily routine free and unencumbered. He received his prosthetic while at Vibra, and drove himself home at discharge!

Christopher plans to continue his journey to becoming a healthier version of himself. He stated, “Vibra is hands-down the top choice for rehabilitation services in this valley. I would recommend Vibra to everyone needing rehabilitation services!”