Carol Ennis

“The day of my accident, I was installing a garage door opener.” It seemed like a relatively routine bit of home maintenance for Carol Ennis. Unfortunately, the garage door slipped and came down, hitting the ladder that Carol was standing on. She fell off the ladder, landed on her right side, and hit her head.

“I was shocked,” Carol said. “I hit my head so hard, I had an indentation on the back of my head.” Fortunately, Carol wasn’t alone. “A friend of mine was helping me install the garage door opener and attempted to help me stand up. But the pain was so great in my right tibia that I couldn’t move from the garage floor.” They called the paramedics who transported Carol to the hospital. Scans revealed that Carol suffered a tibial fracture. “Thank goodness I didn’t have any kind of a brain injury from hitting my head!”

There was so much swelling in Carol’s leg that she couldn’t undergo surgery right away. She was discharged home until the swelling went down. Two weeks later, Carol returned to the hospital for surgery. Her case manager suggested she admit to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage for her recovery.

“Once I heard that Vibra had all-private rooms and that I could do some of my physical and occupational therapy outside in their beautiful courtyard, I was sold!”

“After my surgery, my physician told me I would be non-weight bearing on my right leg for three months,” Carol recalled. She drew on this for motivation as she recovered. “My motivation was to just get back home as independent as possible until I can start bearing weight on my right leg”

During her stay at Vibra, Carol found support in the hospital staff. “The entire Vibra team helped me tremendously with my rehabilitation,” Carol shared. “Dr. Bagherpour would see me in the mornings and we would discuss and make, together, a plan for the day. My therapists were all so wonderful — my physical therapist, Michael and his student, Nadia, and Michelle with occupational therapy. Jan and Kimberly in nursing and Schaerika, CNA, are all fabulous!”

Carol considers a successful recovery as being completely independent with no restrictions. Though she’s well on her way, Carol continues to work hard, with big plans coming up. “I have a planned trip to Lake Tahoe in May, and tickets in July to see Usher. I’m going to Pismo Beach with friends in August, and I want to continue traveling and scuba diving.”