Andrea Hanna

Before her injury, Andrea Hanna started working full-time as a human resource specialist. On top of her busy schedule, she also attended a master’s program and completed her degree in organizational leadership. The skills she learned from her degree fueled her love for giving back to her community. She spent her free time volunteering at local orphanages. She enjoyed assisting those aging out of the foster system, helping them find employment and education opportunities.

Andrea was a healthy, productive, and active woman until an unforeseen event changed the course of her life. She began to experience sudden debilitating weakness, numbness, and pain in both of her legs. For months her symptoms worsened, leading up to her hospitalization at Redlands Community Hospital. While hospitalized, the neurologist determined she needed surgery. She underwent a multi-level thoracic laminectomy. Following her surgery, she required intense physical and occupational therapy.

After researching options for continued care, she chose Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage, despite being far from home. During her stay, she became close to the members of her therapy team. She credits Karah, Dawn, and Reuban for motivating and encouraging her through each step of her recovery.

Vibra’s therapy team was equally inspired by Andrea’s work ethic and dedication to give back to others. Therefore, they couldn’t let Andrea leave without celebrating her achievements, especially after she missed her graduation. The day before her discharge, Andrea took a final walk to have her diploma presented to her with a very proud crowd cheering her on.

Andrea believes that success is measured by setting goals, achieving them, and then repeating that process with new goals. Her motto is “always be moving onward and upward.” Her optimism and hard work helped her achieve her goals towards recovery. She looks forward to reuniting with her husband and their dogs. As is her standard, Andrea is already planning to achieve her next goal to pursue her doctorate. She plans to continue assisting her community professionally and through her volunteer work.