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Lloyd Bornstein

Lloyd Bornstein went into Eisenhower Medical Center for what he anticipated would be a routine hip replacement. But unfortunately, while coming out of anesthesia, Lloyd had a stroke. The stroke occurred on the left side of Lloyd’s brain, affecting the right side of his body and speech.

Rebecca Stone

During one of Rebecca’s weekly pickleball games, she noticed something wasn’t right, experiencing sensation problems in her hands. The issue progressively got worse. Soon, she felt as if the bottom half of her body wasn’t communicating with the upper half.

Andrea Hanna

Andrea Hanna led a busy life with volunteering, working full-time, and completing her Master’s Degree. This all changed when she started experiencing weakness, numbness, and pain in her legs.

Freddy Villegas

Freddy Villegas arrived at Vibra weak and unsure of what to expect. His team of therapists made him feel welcome and pushed him to hit recovery milestones.

Geri Devries

Geri Devries suffered three infections that led to three surgeries in hopes to save her foot. After all the pain and struggle she decided to move forward with a below-the-knee amputation.

Christopher Baloga

Before his below-the-knee amputation, Christopher Baloga stayed busy working 60 hour weeks. He entered Vibra’s amputee rehabilitation program ready to regain his independence.

Ronald Croft

Before suffering a stroke, Ronald Croft led an active and independent life. He filled his time with workouts at the gym and playing golf at least three times per week. This all changed when, one morning, he began to feel numbness in his left arm.

Jammie McCool

Before his spinal cord injury, Jammie McCool maintained a busy lifestyle with two jobs, one at a self-storage facility and the other as a maintenance technician.

Nancy Kelley

“I’ve learned to have patience as my spinal cord is healing. As it heals, I will continue to regain my function. I have come so far in my recovery and the employees here at Vibra have become my extended family. I am so grateful for all of them!”

Carol Ennis

During her stay at Vibra, Carol found support in the hospital staff. “The entire Vibra team helped me tremendously with my rehabilitation,” Carol shared.